Menus of Change Initiative for the Culinary Institute of America

Changing Tastes was hired by the Culinary Institute of America in partnership with the Harvard School of Public Health to develop the Menus of Change Initiative. This work included assembling a food service industry leadership council chaired by Arlin Wasserman and composed of food service operators, food industry executives, chefs, investors and food systems change agents, including those working to affect the public school food industry and leaders of school food service programs in some of America's largest cities. Changing Tastes also helped to form and lead an allied Science Council composed of researchers working on public health and nutrition, agriculture, food systems and business from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, UC Davis and other universities.

As a part of this project, Changing Tastes has developed a set of 19 integrated metrics for measuring yearover- year progress at the intersection of nutrition and health outcomes; environmental impact of food production and progress towards protecting diverse land use, species and biodiversity; improved labor and social conditions in food production; and change in financial performance and risk to food businesses.