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Our 2019 study brings together two years of research by Changing Tastes and Datassential conducted to help foodservice companies and culinary professionals understand the changes in diner preferences over the past ten years and since the Plant Forward concept was launched by founder Arlin Wasserman at a culinary competition at the James Beard House in recognition of Earth Day 2009. You can download the study here.

aquaculture | mariculture insights

Our 2019 study finds that new aquaculture technologies like mariculture — farming fish far from shore in the open ocean — can play a key role in growing the market for fish and seafood in the U.S.  The study looked at the attitudes of both consumers and also foodservice operators, the business executives who make purchasing, menu and merchandising decisions about what to offer consumers. You can download our study here.

Conservation Alliance for SEafood Solutions

Our presentation at the 2019 annual meeting of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions presented strategies for Breaking Out of the Commodity Trap and getting market recognition for artisan and sustainably produced products in commoditized markets as well as lessons from the West Coast Groundfishery. You can download our presentation here.


Arlin Wasserman collaborated with Dr. Christopher Gardner and others at Stanford University to publish a groundbreaking article on the power of modest reductions, published as the lead article in Nutrition Reviews(R). You can view it here.


Arlin Wasserman presented at the Aquaculture Industry’s 2019 Fish Free Feed conference on new opportunities to grow the market for farmed fish through sustainability. You can download his presentation here.

Humane Aquaculture

Changing Tastes conducted a ground-breaking study on how antibiotics and animal welfare concerns influence fish and seafood choices in the U.S. We found a remarkable opportunity to increase the consumption of fish and seafood by reducing antibiotic use and adopting home production and slaughter practices. You can download our summary report here.

West Coast Groundfish Pilot Project User Guide & Lessons Learned

The West Coast Groundfish fishery in California is a fishery management success. Yet despite significant ecological progress, fishing and conservation communities continue to share concerns about the long-term economic sustainability of the fishery.

With the fishery now recovered from overfishing, the final step to a full recovery is to reintroduce the harvest of sole, cod, rockfish and other stocks to market and help the fishers recover economically. Would chefs buy local, sustainable fish if the price was competitive? Would consumers want this? The answer is YES to both.

We have several tools available to help you learn more about the project and the lessons we learned.

Regional Market Demand and Opportunities,

Our assessment explores the market demand for U.S. West Coast groundfish in Oregon, Washington, and California. Download it here.

Foodservice operator User Guide

The user guide for foodservice operators in Central California provides guidance for cooking and marketing West Coast Groundfish and guidelines for reintroducing the fish to diners. Download it by clicking here .

Lessons Learned

Our report reviews lessons we learned during the pilot about market acceptance of West Coast Groundfish. The pilot succeeded in reintroducing West Coast Groundfish to diners, increasing fish consumption and substantially increasing the price to fishers. But supply chain problems also surfaced. Download it by clicking here.

business case for investment

We believe a unique and compelling opportunity exists for investing in further expansion of the market for California’s West Coast Groundfishery harvest. Download it by clicking here.

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North American Food Sector, Part Two: Roadmap for City Food Sector Innovation & Investment

Roadmap Investment Evaluation Tool