We work with our clients to achieve greater success by understanding and finding opportunities at the intersection of five key trends that are driving change in our food system: sustainability, public health, information technology, demographics, and the changing role of the culinary professional and foodservice industry.


Management Consulting

We mobilize our expertise and our big-picture, systems perspective to help transform what you do and increase the scale of your success.


Corporate Sustainability

We align what you do in balance with people and nature from concept stage to execution to outcome.


Strategic Marketing

We craft creative, strategic ways to expand markets, establish thought leadership, and promote and build markets for new products, services and solutions.


Investment Guidance

We advise on how and where to target resources, from social to financial, to achieve your highest objectives.


Culinary Innovation

We create and launch new and novel ways of achieving your goals for your products, projects, programs and enterprise.


Performance Evaluation

We develop transparent tools to assess your performance and find ways to increase the scope and pace of your progress.