A New Sustainability Program for Compass Group

Compass Group invited Changing Tastes to guide the development of a comprehensive new sustainability platform, built upon their existing commitments and supported by a well defined roadmap to realization by year 2020. The work was based on a throughout analysis of current consumer trends as well as a forecast  of what future eaters might expect of institutional food service.  We mapped this information against emerging sustainability issues on a variety of fronts: environmental, social, economic and human health.  These were adapted in a way that Compass can position their brand as a relevant solution in the realm of sustainable food service while meeting the needs of their day to day business mission. Under our direction, particular emphasis was given on actions to reduce the eco-footprint of their kitchens operations focused on CO2e, water and waste.  As part of the overall project, we guided the development of a set of metrics for year over year measurement of progress in support of well defined transparency goals. A number of key Compass Group stakeholders were invited to contribute to the project with Changing Tastes that included operations, culinary, human resources, purchasing and marketing.  The resulting Vision for 2020 represents a cohesive and shared commitment on the part of Compass towards a roadmap to a better future.