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Hello, we are…the people behind The Great Green Plate…

We believe that the best stories are shared, new friendships made, bridges built, and barriers removed, while sitting around a table over a great meal. 

After a series of synchronistic events that allowed us to see an early screening of The Great Green Wall movie, we were inspired to take action. 

We have been greatly moved by the film. 

As master chefs and influencers in the food industry, we use food as our media, and are privileged to share the important theme of The Great Green Wall as a way of helping Africa through horticulture and encouraging empathy, empowerment, and solution-based thinking via this unique dining experience. 

As artists and change makers, it is our job to open doors and our senses to the best of possibilities. We invite you to dine with us, taste new cuisines from new places and savor the possibility that this may be the most joy filled and delicious meal of your life that helps to create a positive impact around the world.