Emerging Tastes: A Creative Retreat for Food Leaders

Emerging Tastes is a creative three-day fellowship retreat held annually by Changing Tastes, Main Street Hospitality, and Hancock Shaker Village for food influencers and enthusiasts to explore new flavors and rethink old ones. 

During Emerging Tastes, we explore the landscape, the harvest and the kitchen as we imagine what a sustainable food system will look — and taste — like through the new flavors that are emerging as the world changes and realigns.

What flavors will be plentiful and how can we make what comes next delicious? We’ll respect the past and embrace a future as we forage and explore flavors together, and help each other find a meaningful path ahead until we gather again.

The event takes place in the heart of the Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts at Hancock Shaker Village, a historical site that is deemed a ‘truly authentic experience,” according to the New York Times. It is also in the center of an extraordinary region that the Times calls an “epicenter of great food.” 

Attendees also learn what foods we will eat as nature and our climate changes, what flavors will be plentiful, and how we can make what comes next more delicious.

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