Wilderness Markets

The West Coast Groundfish Fishery stretches from Santa Barbara to Seattle and once was the main source of white flaky fish for the U.S., including cod, sole, and rock fish. After extensive overfishing, it was declared a national disaster area and closed to commercial fishing by the U.S. government over a decade ago.

Now, the fishery has substantially recovered and is reopened to commercial fishing, making it the most significant fishery recoveries in the world…almost Wilderness Markets, an impact investment group, looked to complete the recover by restoring an active fishing industry to the region.

Changing Tastes was retained to assess the market potential and identify strategies to complete this remarkable sustainability story and develop a strategy to reintroduce these lost fish and flavors to American tables. Our firm led culinary and marketing innovation efforts and then reintroduced the fish in the spring of 2018 to California diners in partnership with Google, Wolfgang Puck Enterprises, Bon Appetit Management Company and Compass Group, developing new recipes and lessons to help other restaurant and hospitality companies follow suit.