thank you africa…

Our mission is to raise awareness that it’s because of Africa that we eat what we do in America today. In so doing, we intend to bring a new perspective that brings value and empowerment to Africa instead of pity and fear. It’s simple. Gratitude leads to compassion and through the joy of eating delicious foods we can build bridges instead of walls together!

People think of Africa as  a hungry continent. Both global warming and a rising population are serious threats to ongoing food production. We need to remember that it’s because of African indigenous crops brought to the rest of the world that we eat what we do in America, Europe and elsewhere today.

Africa deserves our gratitude & our collaboration for 3 popular foods many of us eat or drink daily:

Two popular beverages, cola and coffee, that many Americans drink daily, both originated in Africa. Kola nuts, from west Africa and coffee, from Ethiopia.

Oats, a popular cereal crop which are also eaten daily by some as oatmeal, in granola, and gaining popularity as oat milk, among other “variations” are not only one of the oldest crops cultivated by mankind but also can trace its origin to Northwestern Africa as well as the Iberian peninsula and the Middle East. 


1.     Why only food? 

At Changing Tastes, FOOD is our media, so we begin here with what we know the best.

Food tells a personal story, food is love and food is an easy way to communicate and share who we are in our most authentic ways with our friends and neighbors everywhere.


2.     What about other places?  

Yes, we agree! Thank you Mexico! Thank you China! Thank you India!...

The American dream is also a universal dream. We are all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We suggest that learning through delicious cuisine about our global neighbors creates an opportunity to bring us all together and build relationships through awareness, as we break down barriers built by unintended ignorance.


3.     How can I help?

It’s easy and thank you so much for offering! As you will see, the cost of kindness is zero. We invite you to simply take a picture of you or a friend eating or drinking a cup of coffee, cola beverage or a bowl of oatmeal, glass of oat milk, granola bar or anything with oats in it (we are starting with the top 3) and post to our facebook page linked here and share!

Say “Thank you Africa” at home when you eat a food originally from Africa — like coffee, oatmeal, cola (and kola nuts), okra, sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, watermelon or chilis (including hot sauce!) — and post a photo on @ThankyouAfrica. Then share our intentional message of kindness & gratitude with your friends on social media.