West Coast Groundfish Market Recovery

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Market Reintroduction Pilot

We designed and implemented a 90-day pilot with Compass Group and Wolfgang Puck in central California intended to raise commercial buyers’ and suppliers’ awareness of U.S. West Coast Groundfish as a domestic, sustainable source of whitefish and prove that these fisheries can provide a reliable supply of local fish. As a result, it helped establish new markets and demonstrate the benefits and availability of West Coast groundfish to other buyers and suppliers. As we’re wrapping up the pilot, we’re putting the final touches on a user guide that can be adapted for use with other projects as well as a lessons learned report to be shared and used as a resource.

West Coast Groundfish Regional Market Demand and Opportunities,

We explored the market demand for U.S. West Coast groundfish in Oregon, Washington, and California. We examine how much whitefish West Coast commercial buyers purchase; what potential there is to sell sustainable, U.S. West Coast groundfish in these regional markets; and how fishermen can increase the price per pound that they receive for their fish.

Learn more about our findings: Executive Summary, West Coast Groundfish Regional Market Demand and Opportunities